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Relenza and swine flu

Relenza (Rel-en-za) is a medicine which is used in preventing and treating influenza such as swine flu. Relenza contains zanamivir and is supplied by GlaxoSmithKline UK.

Key facts about Relenza:

Some medicines have specific instructions about how to take them. This is because they work better when taken correctly. These instructions can include getting the right dose and special instructions for preparing the medicine. Relenza is not suitable for everyone and some people should never use it. Other people should only use it with special care.

The prescriber may only prescribe this medicine with special care or may not prescribe it at all for a child under the age of five years.

As part of the process of assessing suitability to take this medicine a prescriber may also arrange tests to check that this medicine is not having any undesired effects.

Over time it is possible that Relenza can become unsuitable for some people, or they may become unsuitable for it.

The folowing side-effects are rare, but are experienced by some people:

The frequency of the following side-effects is unknown:

If you do experience what you think may be side effects of Relenza you should see your healthcare professional to check that you are ok.

Medicines contain active ingredients. They may also contain other, additional ingredients that help ensure the stability, safety and effectiveness of the medicine. They are also added to improve the medicine’s taste and appearance and to make it easier to take. Some may be used to prolong the life of the medicine. Relenza contains: lactose monohydrate which contains milk proteins. Relenza also xontains zanamivir

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