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Pig flu

As the spread of the deadly Pig Flu virus speeds up in Mexico and starts entering other countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Israel, countries are taking necessary precautions to prevent the virus from reaching a pandemic in their own countries. This measures include quarantining some sick travelers from Countries known to have the pig flu virus. The United States Homeland Security has released a quarter of its 50 million antiviral medicatons to be delivered to the cities and towns as a preemptive measure to combat the spread of the pig flu infections.

What is the Pig Flu or Swine Influenza?

The pig flu or swine influenza is a virus specific to pigs or porcine species; it doesn't usually infect humans, although it has happened in history.

What is different this time about the Pig Flu?

The US based Centre for Disease Control (CDC) believes this time (April 24, 2009), that the strain is a mix between bird, pig, and human virus.

Can the current virus spread to humans?

Yes, it has already infected people in Mexico, and has already spread worldwide.

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